Project Retaliation 

India has just entered stage 3 of the Coronavirus epidemic and the market is completely exhausted of hand sanitizer. Some medical shops are selling sanitizer at 4/5 times higher prices. Although higher and middle communities have taken precautions, the lower class or marginal class remain at high risk of getting infected. Sanitizer is a basic and first line of deference against the virus and it should be made available to all the citizens. The inadequate supply and
black-marketing of the essential sanitizer needs to be addressed as the disease is on the verge of spreading exponentially among the marginal community in India.

Box of Joy

There are 472 million children in India, they make up 39% of the population. The pandemic has had a serious impact on India’s children and this recent second wave threatens their physical and mental health like never before. we are trying to bring happiness to these children through our project Box of Joy for the most vulnerable children to help them with mental health during this crisis. This is an initiative to “intrigue child’s minds and boost their creativity through activities like music and art”.


Other Projects

We have also working on projects related to air pollution to women empowerment. We have developed our own air pollution monitors and measured PM2.5 using West Midnapore Cyclers Club. Our App Bengal Supermom is a rapid-access tool for underprivileged mothers and is available in the android store. We also conducted training workshops on urban gardening, mental health, and financial literacy.


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