Designed for – Class III-VIII

Time – 1 hour



The scattering and absorbance of sunlight by the earth’s surface are one of the major drivers of the earth’s temperature. The aim of the experiment is to visualize the effect of polar ice melting or forest destruction on global warming.



Before the beginning of the experiment, briefly describe the earth’s energy balance and albedo effect


Tools required

4 ice cubes with normal water, 4 ice cubes with black coloring (use 5-6 drops of black pen ink or food coloring while freeing the cubes), and clean white plates.



Take two plates and put two different types of ice cubes under the sun or under the light. Note down which ice is melting faster and why?


Expected results

Black ice should melt faster because it absorbs more sunlight whereas white ice scatters more sunlight. Whenever polar ice is melting or forests are cut down, in both cases it exposes a darker surface, which is soil. Naturally, it will absorb more light similar to the black ice. Also why dark-colored cloth increases the chances of heatstroke can also be explained after this experiment.



Take three different colors; white, lighter black and darker black. See if they are melting sequentially or not. 

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